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Underwater noise mitigation at Blauwwind

10 April 2020 - At Blauwwind, we want to ensure that we limit the potential environmental impact of our construction works as much as possible.

During pile driving, underwater noise harbours the potential to impact marine life. Our first step to avoid this is the operation of Van Oord’s acoustic deterrent device: the FaunaGuard. This innovative device uses specialised safe acoustics which temporarily deter marine life prior to installation.

To reduce the underwater noise during installation, Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel Aeolus is equipped with the AdBm Noise Mitigation System (NMS). The NMS is deployed as if it were a system of venetian blinds around the monopile which is lowered towards the seabed. The system reduces specific frequencies by using specialised acoustic resonators.

Also, prior to the arrival of the installation vessel, a Double Big Bubble Curtain (DBBC) is laid out on the seabed. During installation, the DBBC creates two big underwater curtains around the construction area reducing the remaining underwater noise to an absolute minimum.

This combined approach enables Blauwwind to minimise underwater noise during piling while meeting the project requirements agreed with the Dutch Government.

If you want to read more about van Oord's FaunaGuard, click here.

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