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Installation of the final monopiles for Borssele III & IV

22 April 2020 - Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel Aeolus has successfully completed the installation of 77 monopiles for Borssele III & IV.

As the balance of plant contractor, Van Oord was responsible for the design, engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the foundations and inter-array cables of Borssele III & IV. For the last seven months the Aeolus was deployed for the transport and installation of the monopiles. Now that the monopiles have been installed, the project will begin shortly with the installation of 77 V164-9.5 megawatt (MW) wind turbines supplied by MHI Vestas.

"The Borssele III & IV project reached a great achievement with the installation of the 77 foundations. The work was executed within planning in six months. Despite the necessary extra precautions in connection with the coronavirus, we were able to continue the project. We are proud of the Blauwwind project team and our partners, such as Van Oord, contributing to the rapid construction of the wind farm."

Roeland Borsboom, Blauwwind project director

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