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Safe operations and environment

Safety first.

Our responsibility

Blauwwind is responsible for the design, construction and operation of offshore wind farm Borssele III & IV and thus also responsible for the health, safety and protection of the environment of the project.

Goal Zero

Therefore, Blauwwind will treat these matters as crucial business activities and is committed to Goal Zero.

This means:

  • No harm to people
  • Protect the environment
  • No permit non-compliances 

Code of Conduct

In addition, Blauwwind has drawn up a Code of Conduct to achieve these objectives. This Code of Conduct applies to all contractors who work on the project. This ensures extra attention is paid to safety and includes this as an important part of the daily work.

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What will transport look like in 2040

With all the developments on the North Sea and various functions that the North Sea has, Blauwwind thinks it is important to protect and support nature. 


After the UXOs (unexploded ordnances, or unexploded ammunition) are removed that have been left in the North Sea after the Second World War, the work will begin.


For instance, Van Oord’s FaunaGuard is used to proactively repel marine life during construction. The Navy also uses this device when cleaning up the UXOs. 

Acoustic device

The FaunaGuard is an innovative acoustic device that uses specific underwater acoustics that allows marine life to be temporarily driven away, so that they are not impacted by the construction activities.

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What will transport look like in 2040

Furthermore, Van Oord will use the new AdBm Sound Mitigation System (the Noise Mitigation System (NMS)), which reduces underwater noise released by the pile driving of monopiles at sea.

Minimising sound

The NMS uses special acoustic resonators to reduce piling noise and actually works as if they were venetian blinds that simply go up and down. In combination with a Big Bubble Curtain (BBC), this system meets the Dutch and Belgian standard for noise emission at sea.

The North Sea

The North Sea is one of the busiest seas in the world. Seeing as offshore wind farms have been inaccessible to third parties for a long time while these farms have started to take more space on the North Sea, in 2015 it was decided to amend this rule.

Transit and co-use

For this reason, from 1 May 2018 onwards transit and co-use of Dutch wind farms is permitted on the North Sea. This means that three wind farms off the Dutch coast are accessible for ships with a length up to 24 meters.

Offshore wind parks

Specifically, Offshore Wind farm Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ), Princess Amalia Wind Park (PAWP) off the coast of IJmuiden and Wind farm Luchterduinen (LUD) off the coast of Noordwijk.

Supporting nature

These rules also apply to the new wind farms in the North Sea, such as Borssele III & IV. Together with stakeholders, Blauwwind is actively looking to address these. In support of nature, Blauwwind participates in a pilot, for example, to put flat oysters on some of the monopiles of the wind turbines of the wind farm. In addition, Blauwwind is open to look at any other initiatives through discussions with stakeholders.

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