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Electricity production

As soon as the offshore wind farm is constructed, and all 66 kV-cables are connected to TenneT’s substation Borssele Beta, the wind farm is put in operation.

What will transport look like in 2040

The power that the turbines produce are transformed via the substation from 66 kilovolt (kV) into 220 kV. 

Transportation of the power

Subsequently, the 220 kV-cable transport the power to the onshore substation, which transforms the power into 380 kV to be connected to the national electricity grid. 

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Energy development

Large capacity

Offshore wind farm Borssele III & IV has a total installed capacity of 731.5 MW. This corresponds with the electricity consumption of around 825,000 Dutch households. Shell Energy Europe Limited and Eneco have won the contracts to each sell 50% of the power.

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What will transport look like in 2040

The wind farm is planned to operate for 25 years. The maintenance of the turbines will be covered by MHI Vestas.

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What will transport look like in 2040

To carry out the maintenance, a Service Operations Vessel (SOV) is deployed, from which smaller vessels can be used to ensure maximum flexibility. This SOV is essentially the offshore maintenance base of Blauwwind.

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